Hydrotest Hydrotesting at Hydrotester

When to Hydrotest the Paintball Tank

How to read your bottles markings
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High Pressure Air (HPa)
Fiber wrapped/Carbon Fiber
Test every 3 or 5 years?
15 year life
Check your "E" number test date
(look on the lable for a "E-XXXX")

Air or CO2
Test Every 5 years
Unlimited life

Check for "3AL " stamped in top curved part of tank, If you have 3AL stamped around the crown, it must be tested every 5 years.

Steel Tank "3HT"
Test every 3 years
(24 year life)

Check the top part of the bottles for "3HT" stamped into the crown. If a magnet sticks to the tank, and it has "3HT" stamped in the crown, it is a "Steel 3HT" bottle.

Bottles 2 inches in diameter or less, and less than 2 feet long DO NOT have to be tested.
"The 2 and 2 rule."

Requalification (HYDROTESTING) not required per the note under table 1 in 49CFR part 180.205. The note reads, "Any cylinder not exceeding two (2) inches in outside diameter and less than two (2) feet in length is exempt from volumetric expansion testing."

3-E Bottles
E-7737 or E10776 are concidered (Aluminum DOT-3E) Requalifying (Hydrotesting) is not required per "CFR 49 pg 1273 2006"

Other Hydro Guys USE BIG UGLY hydro TAGS







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