Links We Like

Great Information Sites:

Carlton Industries A great place to learn how to read the tag on the fiber wrapped bottle, and a whole lot of general information on paintball tanks.

Catalina Cylinders Go to the tech support button. Lots of very good info.

Luxfer Cylinders: Lots of great info on Luxfer paintball bottles.

Visual Inspection Procedures (VIP) PSI Bill High's training program for inspecting HP cylinders.
All Paintball store, parks and fill stations should endorse there procedures.

Ways to read Aluminum Tank Markings This is a great site to learn how to read tank markings on
steel and aluminum bottles. These guys play battle ship, and love blowing up each others rc model

Visual Plus: These people have come up with a great system for doing "non distructive" thread and neck inspections. Their latest system is computer driven and has a dynomite visual system that you can see and show your customer.

Action Pursuit Games A great Paintball Magizine and E-zine. Please support these people Great Paintball people who have done a great article on their E-MaG about the HydroLab. Our Sister site. Lots of info on Hydrotesting SCBA, SCUBA and other small HP Cylinders

Sak World Paintball Pritty good place for info too!

Scuba Classes in Bremerton The best SCUBA Diving classes in Kitsap County and Bremerton.

Scuba Classes in Bremerton The sister site for the best SCUBA Diving classes in Kitsap County and Bremerton.

Nitrox Classes in Bremerton Nitrox Classes and information in Bremerton, Silverdale and kitsap county.

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