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General Information:

  1. Anything over 300psi is high pressure!... always treat it with respect!

  2. Required Testing Cycle: 3 or 5 year? Some newer Fiber Wrapped cylinders now have a 5 year test cycle.Click Here to check for 3 or 5 year cyle. OR, drop us a note, we will check the DOT letters for you. We will need the original date and the "E" number. Click here to go to "how to read fiber wrapped bottles. We are happy to figure out the test cycle for you. Send a note with the "E-........." number and the original test date to Tank Test Cycle Check.

  3. High Pressure Air: Sometimes called Nitro tanks (nitrogen or air). Peak tank pressure is between 3000 psi and 4500 psi. They can be steel, aluminum and aluminum/fiber wrapped.

  4. Fiber wrapped: These are aluminum bottles, that have a fiberglass or carbon fiber wrapped around a aluminum bottle and covered with a epoxy resin. They are much lighter than regular aluminum or steel bottles. These bottles usually need to be tested every 3 years. The Newer ones may be tested every 5 years. They all have a 15 year life span. Drop us a note if you are unsure of a Tank Test Cycle.

  5. Aluminum bottles: Plain aluminum bottles need to be tested every 5 years and have a unlimited life. A magnet will not stick to aluminum. 3AL will be stamped into the round/top part of the bottle.

  6. Steel bottles that have 3HT stamped on them, should be tested at least every 3 years and have a life span of 24 years. A magnet will stick to one of these bottles.

  7. CO2 tanks: 2 inches or less in diameter and less than 2 feet long, do not need to be tested. This is a DOT Rule. These CO2 bottles usually have a 1800 psi limit. Greater than 2 inches in diameter must be tested every 5 years. These bottles are not fiber wrapped. These are considered high pressure.

  8. Proper care of your bottle includes impact prevention, never over fill beyond the certified pressure, inspect each time you fill and have a airsmith or hydro station to do a professional visual inspection inside and outside annually (the scuba guys have been doing this for 40 years). Always play safe.

  9. FYI: Exemption Numbers That number on your tank that starts with "E-" does not mean the bottle is exempt from testing, it means the manufacturer is required to have a current authorization letter on file with the DOT. These letters describe what requirements the DOT and the manufacturers have placed on the bottle's use, the testing requirements and other important information. There are some stores and paintball web sites that say these "E" bottles are from testing. NO they are not exempt from testing, all "E" bottles must be tested (requalified).

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