Get the Bottle Hydrotested..... follow these 5 easy steps

  1. Name on Bottle:
    Mark the Tank and regulator with full name (either mark directly on the tank or place tape on the side of the tank and another on the reg, and mark on tape...) Be sure to put your name on the tank valves too! (most people use a piece of masking tape)

  2. NO PRESSURE in tank! We really hate the burst disk going off in the airplane on the way here. Having the FAA involved is no fun. Get that pressure out of the tank, please.

  3. Remove Regulator
    Either remove and keep the valve/regulator. (tape over the open end!) OR better yet have us remove the valve/regulator (extra $5) Don't take the chance of damaging your regulator or tank. We use special tools custom built to prevent damage to the bottle and reg. (MOST CUSTOMERS HAVE US REMOVE AND REPLACE THE VALVE)

  4. Fill out INFO SHEET: (click here for info sheet).
    Fill out info sheet and send with bottle (complete pricing info).

  5. Put the tank and info sheet in a box with some padding
    and Ship it to:

    5000 Burwell St.
    Bremerton, WA. 98312

  6. We will test it and ship it within 24 hours of receiving it. Its really easy.
    You are always welcome to call and chat any time. Use the toll free number.


24 hour turnaround
We test all Bottles
877-493-7652 toll free or
e-mail geoff @

"Established 1972"

5000 Burwell Street
Bremerton, WA 98312